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  • Mousie and Chicken: Inktober drawings now a book

    Mousie and Chicken: Inktober drawings now a book

    I’m a few months late showing off my Inktober pictures, but I have more than just sketches: I made a whole BOOK! A real, physical, hold-it-in-your-hands and hopefully spend money on it book! And you can buy it! Mousie and Chicken has all my themed Inktober 2018 drawings (there were a few days when I…

  • Inktober 8-19

    Inktober 8-19

    My little silhouette guy has gone from having a very difficult month to a decidedly surreal one. Yes, I saw Fantasia a few times as a kid. The giant toddler was inspired by one of the children who was listening to me play music at the pub that day. She had a great smile and…

  • Inktober: Days 2-6

    Inktober: Days 2-6

    Inktober is an event started by illustrator Jake Parker challenging artists to draw in ink every day for the month of October. This is my first year trying it, and it’s been fun (and a good excuse to pick up a few more pens). A few of my daily drawings have been random — I’ll post those later…