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  • Sketches, week of September 18

    Sketches, week of September 18

    A few little sketches this week. The first two are from memory, which is something I’d like to get better at. I saw the little girl at the Olympia Farmer’s Market while Pinniped Music was setting up for our gig there and was struck by what a perfect storybook urchin she made. She could’ve walked…

  • Bass at the Market

    Bass at the Market

    Bass player Matthew Autry (who is also the skilled fellow who built my beautiful tenor guitar) played with Mudcat down at the Olympia Farmers Market today. I caught the tale end of their set. Perfect music for a hot afternoon.

  • Crocus


    The species crocus that were buds two weeks ago are in full bloom.

  • Sketch of Spring Snowdrops

    Sketch of Spring Snowdrops

    The snowdrops have been blooming in the back yarden for a week, and today I saw crocus buds. It’s nice to see the yarden waking up. I’ve been playing with my new phone camera, too, collecting inspiration and references for future paintings. The color balance and automatic exposure are better than the old one, and…

  • New painting sketches

    New painting sketches

    I’ve been in my studio for almost a year, but have yet to break out the oil paints. Now I’m one step closer. The sketch is based on a photo I took a few months ago.