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  • Crocus


    The species crocus that were buds two weeks ago are in full bloom.

  • Sketch of Spring Snowdrops

    Sketch of Spring Snowdrops

    The snowdrops have been blooming in the back yarden for a week, and today I saw crocus buds. It’s nice to see the yarden waking up. I’ve been playing with my new phone camera, too, collecting inspiration and references for future paintings. The color balance and automatic exposure are better than the old one, and […]

  • Bright red columbine

    Bright red columbine

    This is from last night, and took about 45 minutes, complete with mistakes. No sketch first, which contributed to the ‘mistakes’ part. It’s all mixes of golden acrylics’ cad red (hue – I think the pigment is napthol) and titanium white, on one of the brown panels I prepped this weekend. It’s supposed to be […]

  • Autumn Leaf, and a post for post’s sake

    Autumn Leaf, and a post for post’s sake

    If I’m going to update a blog, it has to be easy. I used to think that was a personal failing, but I’ve come to appreciate that if every good habit relies on sheer willpower, it’s too easy to have days when you never get off the couch. Instead I use every trick I can […]