• Rocketship

  • Rocket Ship

  • Sled

  • Parasailer

  • Hot Air Balloon

    Photo by Nancy Alcott.

  • Ship

    The driver's side of the van shows the same ship approaching an open treasure chest on a sandy island.

  • Windsurfer

  • The first three wrapped courier vans. 

Photo by Nancy Alcott.

    Courier Van Fleet

    Photo by Nancy Alcott.

Project Description

Timberland Regional Library covers five counties in southwest Washington. This campaign brings attention to the fleet of courier vans which ferry books and other materials between branches. The theme is ‘the places your library card can take you’. The goal is to bring goodwill and whimsy while demonstrating the geographical breadth of the district.

On each van, the library card enables adventure in a different way, becoming a balloon, a rocket, or the sail of a square-rigged ship.

Marked photos by Nancy Alcott.

Project Details

  • ClientTimberland Regional Library
  • TechnologyIllustrator