• Business Card

  • Beer Mat

  • Plaque

Project Description

I chose an uncial font to evoke the Irish traditions that much of Pinniped’s music is based in, but avoided overt signs, like Celtic knotwork, because the band’s influences and repertoire are farther ranging. The reverse of the business card defines the band and the band’s name.

When brainstorming band promotion items, we hit on the idea of beer mats, the cardboard coasters ubiquitous in pubs. That lead naturally to advertising the music with the same language we might expect from a Pacific Northwest microbrewery.

The wooden plaque (also known as ‘the most optimistic coaster ever’) was a special treat, courtesy of a neighbor with an industrial laser cutter.

Band photo by Chris Daniels Photography.

Project Details

  • ClientPinniped Music
  • TechnologyPhotoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign