• Fahrenheit 451

  • Timberland Reads Together Event Guides

    Three years of TRT Event Guides.

Project Description

Each year Timberland Regional Library puts on a month-long community reading program focused around a different book. In most cases I based the campaign design off of the published book covers, but a a few years deserve special mention.

In 2012, the book was 1953 classic Fahrenheit 451.  Because Fahrenheit 451 has been reprinted so many different times with such a wide variety of covers, there is no single iconic, widely recognized cover design, and I had the freedom to create entirely new artwork based on the book itself rather than any of it’s past covers.

In 2014 two books were chosen, linked by the idea of ‘food’, requiring a concept that incorporated the very disparate book covers and evoked the shared theme.

In 2015, the theme was Timberland Writes Together, and the campaign included designing a book of contest-winning stories from library patrons. The cover art, used for both the book and the vent guide, was also the result of an art contest.

Project Details

  • ClientTimberland Regional Library
  • TechnologyPhotoshop, InDesign