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  • Mousie and Chicken: Inktober drawings now a book

    Mousie and Chicken: Inktober drawings now a book

    I’m a few months late showing off my Inktober pictures, but I have more than just sketches: I made a whole BOOK! A real, physical, hold-it-in-your-hands and hopefully spend money on it book! And you can buy it! Mousie and Chicken has all my themed Inktober 2018 drawings (there were a few days when I […]

  • Tilling the fallow field

    Tilling the fallow field

    The rains started this week, and so did Inktober, and art. I’m learning to accept the fact that I don’t really make new art in the summer. Summers are full of gigs and gardening and house projects, festivals and yard parties. In a perfect world I’d still have time for art, but having to work […]

  • It’s all in the packaging

    It’s all in the packaging

    I planted a vegetable garden in my front yard this year, and it’s been lovely. The beans are thriving in the unusual Northwest heat, I’m about to have more tomatoes than I know what to do with, and the squash seedling that had been nibbled down to a nub by passing deer has pretty well […]

  • Skellington Art has a Facebook page!

    From now on, this blog will be mirrored to the Skellington Art page rather than my personal page (and then I’ll share it willy-nilly from there). For now, the facebook page graphic is one of the unfinished and unsold Sheep in Space paintings. I’ll be uploading all the old (finished and mostly sold) Sheep In […]

  • Spring, sprung

    Spring, sprung

    I’m a fair-weather gardener. I basically ignore my back yard all through the wet, dark winter. I’m always a bit nervous when I venture out for the first time in spring, blinking like a mole and stunned by all the work there is to do. What survived the winter? What is showing new growth, and […]

  • Capitol City Press Tour

    Capitol City Press Tour

    Yesterday I went to the Capitol City Press open house with my day job office. Cap City is an awesome employee-owned more-than-full-service print shop, and they’ve added quite a few new capabilities since I was last there. The tables for the catered lunch were made of falcon board, ¬†which is basically corrugated cardboard’s much beefier […]