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  • Virtual Studio Tour

    Virtual Studio Tour

    I’ve been ill and don’t have much in the way of art to show, but I did acquire a new work table and tidy the studio up a bit, so it’s a good time for a studio tour. My studio is 180 square feet of what used to be a 230 square foot attached garage […]

  • Taking the ‘gris’ out of ‘grisaille’

    Taking the ‘gris’ out of ‘grisaille’

    The last month and a half has been busy with non-visual art things like guests and cleaning and music gigs, but I did manage to start another painting. This one is on an old panel that I painted over with a titanium white/cad yellow mixture, and like the other fiddle painting, I started with a […]

  • “Fat over lean” (It’s not cooking advice)

    “Fat over lean” (It’s not cooking advice)