Black ink drawing of a guitar being played. Close-up of a larger sketch.

April Verch Trio

I saw The April Verch Band (April Verch, Cody Walters, and Alex Rubin) in May, and as well as the delightful music I got two sketches I’m quite pleased with, in very different styles.

Crayon drawing of a trio. The man on the left is playing electric-stand-up bass, the woman in the middle is playing fiddle, and the man on the right is playing guitar. There are abstract shapes coming out of the instruments.

That’s an electric stand-up bass, not a normal bass I ran out of room for. I promise. I had fun trying to capture the instruments’ distinct sounds as shapes.

For the second half of the show I put the crayons away, got out a pen, and drew guitarist Alex Rubin.