Inktober: Days 2-6

Inktober is an event started by illustrator Jake Parker challenging artists to draw in ink every day for the month of October. This is my first year trying it, and it’s been fun (and a good excuse to pick up a few more pens).

A few of my daily drawings have been random — I’ll post those later — but for most of them I’ve worked off the Inktober 2017 prompt list. Without intending it, it’s turned into a sort of story about a little inkblot guy who’s having a rough month.

(Apparently I labeled two pieces ‘day 4’. Underwater was the real 4th of October; Long was the 5th).

I knew I could do better with the ‘Underwater’ concept, so here’s a bonus drawing:

Black ink drawing of a swimmer looking at a school of fish while an octopus looms in the background.

Part of the challenge is to share your work every day. I’ve been skipping that because I’m in a self-imposed social-media blackout, but you can see a huge variety of art from all over the world by checking the #Inktober and #Inktober2017 tags on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter, and the Inktober page on Facebook.