Sketches, week of September 18

pencil drawing of a young girl wrapped in shawlsPencil drawing of a cat

A few little sketches this week. The first two are from memory, which is something I’d like to get better at. I saw the little girl at the Olympia Farmer’s Market while Pinniped Music was setting up for our gig there and was struck by what a perfect storybook urchin she made. She could’ve walked onto the set of Oliver and been right at home. I half expected her to sell me matches. Calliope was the second subject-from-memory, because I wanted to catch the way her head turned 90 degrees in search of skritching.

The sketches from memory don’t stand up to the ones from life, but it’s a good skill to practice.

pencil sketch of a woman playing fiddletwo pencil drawings of sleeping cats


My life-sketches had an emphasis on being quick and simple. Cats and musicians tend to stay put for long periods, which makes them handy models.

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