Nancy’s Fiddle: Adding some excitement

I started this painting in January, did one more session to correct some mistakes, and then abandoned it for a few months. I let it lie partly because I was busy, and partly because it lacked a certain something. Life’s too short to work on a painting that bores you, unless you’re being well paid.

Happily, once a painting isn’t exciting anymore you’ve got a lot of freedom to do strange things to it. It’s not working for you as-is, so there’s no harm in experimentation. With that in mind and the goal of a less realistic, more fanciful painting — an expression of feeling rather than reality — I went to town.


I’m pleased to report that I’m very excited about this painting again. Also, dancing around your studio to the Hamilton soundtrack is a great way to keep limber during long painting sessions. It certainly beats sitting in a heap of used rags wailing that no one will ever recognize your genius hands down.