Art and Design by Sarah Kellington

  • A big transition and transitory art

    A big transition and transitory art

    It’s been a year, and what better time to look back at a year than Thanksgiving? I abandoned this blog because I got a new full-time job last December. I love my work, but it does mean less free time for art, and I tend to choose ‘doing art’ over ‘writing about doing art’, when…

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  • Mousie and Chicken: Inktober drawings now a book

    Mousie and Chicken: Inktober drawings now a book

    I’m a few months late showing off my Inktober pictures, but I have more than just sketches: I made a whole BOOK! A real, physical, hold-it-in-your-hands and hopefully spend money on it book! And you can buy it! Mousie and Chicken has all my themed Inktober 2018 drawings (there were a few days when I…

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  • Tilling the fallow field

    Tilling the fallow field

    The rains started this week, and so did Inktober, and art. I’m learning to accept the fact that I don’t really make new art in the summer. Summers are full of gigs and gardening and house projects, festivals and yard parties. In a perfect world I’d still have time for art, but having to work…

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  • SPSCC Campus Maps

    SPSCC Campus Maps

    Earlier this year I did a map project for South Puget Sound Community College. The maps I made have been available on their website since spring, but the new wayfinding kiosks and monuments were just installed in the last few weeks. It’s always fun to see my work out in the wild! Maps are fascinating.…

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  • It’s all in the packaging

    It’s all in the packaging

    I planted a vegetable garden in my front yard this year, and it’s been lovely. The beans are thriving in the unusual Northwest heat, I’m about to have more tomatoes than I know what to do with, and the squash seedling that had been nibbled down to a nub by passing deer has pretty well…

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  • John Doyle

    John Doyle

    I’ve been more busy gardening and performing than making art, and I entirely forgot about this sketch from John Doyle’s concert a month ago.

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  • April Verch Trio

    April Verch Trio

    I saw The April Verch Band (April Verch, Cody Walters, and Alex Rubin) in May, and as well as the delightful music I got two sketches I’m quite pleased with, in very different styles. That’s an electric stand-up bass, not a normal bass I ran out of room for. I promise. I had fun trying to…

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  • Skellington Art has a Facebook page!

    From now on, this blog will be mirrored to the Skellington Art page rather than my personal page (and then I’ll share it willy-nilly from there). For now, the facebook page graphic is one of the unfinished and unsold Sheep in Space paintings. I’ll be uploading all the old (finished and mostly sold) Sheep In…

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  • Three bands, four sketches.

    Three bands, four sketches.

    A few weekends ago I went to see my friends Curlew’s Call perform, and I drew a truly horrible sketch of them. It made me think about what I’d post on this blog. I’m happy to share my sketches and art process warts-and-all, but I’ve decided to draw the line at sharing things that make…

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  • Brave Horatio on the move

    Brave Horatio on the move

    A fun little project I completed awhile back has finally seen the light of day. My parents have been eagerly awaiting their new teardrop trailer from Oregon Trail’R for over a year, and they’d named it before they’d even made the down payment. I designed the name decal, with a gentle arc and a font that…

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